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Noah Loosli

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Meet Noah Loosli

Noah Loosli, a Swiss professional football player who plays for VfL Bochum in the German Bundesliga, was one of our very first test users of myflow.

After training with myflow for a time period of three months, he proudly mastered his challenges and achieved his milestones.

Devotion to Mental Health in Football

Noah's journey began two years ago when he encountered challenges with low self-esteem, impacting his comfort on the pitch and performance.

Seeking solutions, he turned to renowned sports mental coach Reto Faden, initiating his path to building mental resilience. Noah's goal was clear: to reclaim confidence on the field.

Noah’s Training

Together with his mental coach Noah carefully planned the training with myflow. He seamlessly integrated myflow into his routine, by training with myflow every other day for about 10 minutes.

Due to its mobility and ease-of-use, Noah could train with myflow in diverse settings, including at home, with his mental coach, and at the football club.

Noah’s Progress

After several weeks of training with myflow, Noah experienced the effectiveness of his trained mental strategies. Integrating them into his pre-game routine, he applied them when going to bed or just before a football match.

By applying and training his mental strategies in the myflow environment, Noah regained confidence and security on the field, elevating his performance.

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