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Elevate your mental performance with myflow. Our unique neurofeedback technology offers real-time insights, revolutionizing mental training for athletes, professionals, and anyone seeking peak performance.

With myflow

Reaching peak performance

Discover myflow, a revolutionary software leveraging Virtual Reality and eye-tracking to measure, track, and train mental strength for sports professionals.
Train at your convenience, receive real-time feedback, and analyze progress securely on our platform. We foster a seamless collaboration between athletes, coaches, and sports club to enhance mental well-being, and empower athletes with an intuitive tool for effective training and optimal performance.
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The key benefits of myflow

Measure arousal levels in real-time

myflow's patented pupil-based neurofeedback training allows to measure in real-time how your mental training affects your brain’s arousal system - which is a key brain system involved in regulating how we deal with pressure.

Quantify your mental
training progress

With our standardized training protocols you can compare your mental training progress and your training performance across multiple sessions and evaluate different mental training strategies.

Learn and improve faster than ever

Our standardized training approach combined with the real-time feedback allows you to learn your mental strategies much faster and much more efficiently than ever before.

Exercise regularly and in a controlled environment

Do you lack the discipline for regular exercises? Schedule your training in our app and get reminders, to keep you on track.

Improve your performance, well-being and sleep

Our method is based on years of research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports in Magglingen. With our continuous effort in Research & Development we want to keep our promise that with myflow you will ultimately improve your performance, sleep and overall mental well-being. Check out the science behind myflow to learn more.


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VR Mental training

myflow for sports clubs
and associations

Elevate your sports club or association's commitment to athlete well-being with myflow. By integrating myflow into your training regimen, you not only help to safeguard the mental health of your athletes but also ensure they are capable to compete at their absolute best.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking organizations investing in the mental fitness of their athletes. We work with elite athletes and top researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport in Magglingen to revolutionize your team's approach to training and competition.
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