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Designed for sports professionals. Perfected to enhance mental well-being and thrive in high-pressure situations.
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Key Benefits

Mental Resilience.
The Key to Victory

As a professional athlete, your physical training is only one part of the equation of success. The key to victory is mental resilience. Our innovative training tool myflow is dedicated to support your athlete’s mental training, empowering them to unlock their full potential.

Measure your mental training

Track your mental training progress and understand your mental strength and weaknesses.

Improve your mental performance

Enhance focus and concentration, and experience the effect of myflow on your performance.

Make better decisions on the field

React swiftly and effectively to stressful situations, gaining a competitive edge.


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myflow is an extension and enrichment for professional athletes to show the effectiveness and measurability of mental training, in addition to the subjective parameters.
Heinz Müller, Mental Coach
myflow has helped me to do mental training on a daily basis and to improve my performance through visualization.
Noah Loosli, Football
myflow has helped me to improve my mental abilities and thus make better use of my physical abilities.
Shayenne Rohrer, Alpine Skiing