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The myFlow Method

Connecting neurophysiology, virtual reality and mental resilience training


The revolutionary and unique myFlow method harnesses the advantages of virtual reality based mental training and neurophysiological measurements. The method utilizes four important steps: Measure, Train, Challenge and Improve. Firstly, the efficacy of your mental training is accurately measured and presented via virtual reality (Measure). Since myFlow measures a quantifiable physiological parameter it can assess and monitor training improvements over time (Train).  Incorporated individualized stressors during your training (Challenge),  constantly tests your progress, ultimately enabling you to optimize your flow state and boost overall performance (Improve).

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Because myFlow takes mental training to the next level, there are numerous markets that may profit from training with myFlow. While myFlow sports aims at providing a training device for professional athletes and their coaches, other applications are being developed to meet various customer needs, which include gamers or people working in high-stress environments (i.e. executives, emergency and rescue).

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