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Our Story

The scientific basis and technology behind the myFlow method was originally developed at the Neural Control of Movement (NCM) Lab at ETH Zurich using very bulky and cumbersome equipment. However, even during these early days of development, the goal was always to make the technology accessible to everyone, aiming to help people train and improve their mental strength. 

While Sarah Meissner received the SNF spark grant, which is awarded for unconventional projects and promising ideas of high originality, Marc Bächinger was selected for the Pioneer Fellowship from ETH Zurich, creating ideal conditions for innovative thinkers such as Marc and Sarah to start their entrepreneurial journey. 

With the research section covered and a business idea in mind, Lara and Ellen joined the small team in February 2021. Responsible for market analysis, customer validation and marketing they set up pilot studies with potential customers such as the Ski Association of Liechtenstein, the Swiss golf professional André Bossert and the City Police of Zurich. The pilot studies proofed very promising results! Ever since, we have been working towards the goal of perfecting myFlow and adapting it according to the customer needs in the sport sector.

Since we focus on a variety of sports, we are closely working together with the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen to refine and improve the product to the every needs of athletes from different sports.